The relationship between economic disparities and health outcomes in a population

For over the past decade, there has been increased focus on reducing disparities and a growing set of initiatives to address disparities at the federal, state, community, and provider level. American Journal of Social Psychiatry. We know that taking care of ourselves by eating well and staying active, not smoking, getting the recommended immunizations and screening tests, and seeing a doctor when we are sick all influence our health.

Determinants of Health

Research and Longitudinal Data. Assessment of the Determinants of HIV Risk Factors for African American and Hispanic Women at Risk for HIV infection in the Southern United States is a cross-sectional study that uses a socioecological framework to examine the individual, psychological, sociocultural, environmental contextualand behavioral factors that may influence health and risk behaviors for heterosexual African American and Hispanic women, 18—59 years of age, who are at risk for HIV infection.

Disparities in health and health care not only affect the groups facing disparities, but also limit overall improvements in quality of care and health for the broader population and result in unnecessary costs. However, if health status depends not on absolute income but on income relative to that of some reference group, then the relationship between income and health is determined by the relative size of within-group and between-group inequality Deaton, Comparing data from the s to those for the late s and s, U.

The increased risk for specific psychiatric disorders among persons of low socioeconomic status.

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International variation in the size of mortality differences associated with occupational status. A household survey of child mortality determinants in Malaysia. Department of Health and Human Services, Aprilhttp: A positive health agenda for the new millennium.

Determinants of Health

These conditions are shaped by the amount of money, power, and resources that people have, all of which are influenced by policy choices. Comparisons with Healthy People Objectives.

Rat pups reared in impoverished environments have greater physiological reactions to stress throughout their lives than rats reared in enriched environments Lui et al. Hierarchies of life histories and associated health risks.

The framework represents relationships among variables that are based on scientific studies or substantial evidence. Inthe Department of Health and Human Services HHS developed an action plan for eliminating racial and ethnic health disparities.

Racial differences in stress-induced cardiovascular reactivity and hypertension: Population Bulletin of the United Nations. However, they still remain significantly more likely to be uninsured than Whites Figure 8.The relationship between education and health has existed for generations, despite dramatic improvements in medical care and public health.

Recent data show that the association between education and health has grown dramatically in the last four decades. Research based on decades of experience in the developing world has identified educational status (especially of the mother) as a major predictor of health outcomes, and economic trends in the industrialized world have intensified the relationship between education and health.

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Determinants of health reach beyond the boundaries of traditional health care and public health sectors; sectors such as education, housing, transportation, agriculture, and environment can be important allies in improving population health.

For example, the Department of Health and Human Services describes health disparities as “differences in health outcomes that are closely linked with social, economic, and environmental. Health and health care disparities refer to differences in health and health care between population groups.

Disparities occur across many dimensions, including race/ethnicity, socioeconomic. Health equity has also been defined as “the absence of systematic disparities in health between and within social groups that have different levels of underlying social advantages or disadvantages—that is, different positions in a social hierarchy” [6].

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The relationship between economic disparities and health outcomes in a population
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